How To Stop Odor From A Yeast Infection yeast infection can cause itching, discharge and a foul odor. Most women wonder what causes yeast infection odor. It is important to note that there are a variety of causes of yeast infections. All are a fungal base and can cause a variety of odors when they mix with a woman’s natural body fluids.

The candida yeast fungus is the cause of a yeast infection. They normally thrive in a woman’s vaginal area and in the mouth and digestive tract of women as well as men. The yeast will produce a thick whitish discharge and look very similar to cottage cheese.

While the discharge may not be present in all cases, the smell is always present if a woman has a yeast infection. The woman will notice severe itching and her vaginal area will be red and possibly swollen.

At some point in every woman’s life she will have a yeast infection. Learning how to recognize these symptoms can help her to recover much more quickly.

Yeast infections are actually quite common and one of the first signs of a yeast infection is and odor. This odor will smell awful and kind of sour. If a woman notes a fishy odor, she likely has another type of infection. It may or may not have a whitish discharge but there will likely be redness and intense itching of the area.

While modern medicines are designed to treat the infection, many women mistakenly self diagnose themselves and think that they have a yeast infection only to find that it was actually a bacterial infection. If you suspect you have a yeast infection you should always check with your doctor before self medicating.


Many women have had several yeast infections and automatically know they have one, but if you have never had one, always check with the doctor prior to treatment. There are bacterial infections and sexually transmitted diseases that can cause similar symptoms so you want to be sure of what you are treating.

If you have had a yeast infection before and are sure that is what you have you can try one of the over the counter remedies available at your local pharmacy. If you are not seeing results within the stated result time on the packaging, it is time to get a doctors opinion. Some yeast infections can be stubborn so you may need a prescription treatment.

If you do have a yeast infection change your under clothing often. Wash all worn underclothing in hot water to rid the clothing of the yeast. Also it is much more soothing to wear cotton underclothing than other types.

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By washing the clothing in hot water you will also rid your underclothing of the odor. This is very important, if you can still smell the odor you likely haven’t gotten the clothing completely clean, re wash it if need be. Yeast infection odor is quite common in all cases of yeast infections. It is treatable and can easily be cured.